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Jun 082020

Avaya’s solutions provide clear, reliable Voice over IP (VoIP) that connects business users around the globe. Text, chat, and video are used every day, but calling is still the center of communications. Nothing is faster, clearer, or better at building relationships than a conversation.

Avaya streamlines communications with solutions in the cloud, on premises, or using a hybrid approach. They scale across locations large and small, reduce overhead costs for administration, provide industry leading reliability, and offer users “any location, any device” access to ensure they remain reachable throughout the day.

Value Proposition

Avaya is a market leader in UC

Avaya has over 130,000 customers in 170 countries.

Powerful features make VoIP calls a snap for everyone

Whether on a phone, the web, or mobile devices (BYOD), users get simple access to their favorite features.

Stay in touch from any location

Support multiple devices on a single number so employees are always reachable, in the office or on-the-go.

Calling that fits the way people work

Tailor calling to user needs for maximum reachability, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.

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