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Jun 242020

Devices are a critical component of the UC Desktop Experience – whether the desktop is the traditional business desktop, the mobile desktop, the home office or the conference room. Your choice of the UC device determines whether you will get the most value out of your UC investment.  In addition, the many new applications made possible with cloud services make having the right tools at the edge even more critical.

Communication devices are the only UC communications tool for the 50% of employees that are not issued corporate PCs.  Unfortunately, most smartphones used in the workplace are personally owned devices – only 23% of employees are given corporate-issued smartphones.  Research indicates that the business desktop device is preferred by employees over using a softphone on a PC by a factor of 5 to 1.

The Avaya Desktop Experience delivers smart devices built specifically for the business desktop and that are designed to meet the needs of today’s newest generation of workers.  These workers are more digitally connected and have higher experience expectations than ever before.  These workers demand devices that have high quality and that are flexible, personalized, easy, and cloud-smart – enabling them to instantly connect to the cloud-based application of their choice.

Value Proposition

Fortify Your UC Experience with Avaya Quality

  • Avaya’s unmatched desktop expertise reduces overall ownership costs.
  • Deliver the latest technologies — while keeping your IT in complete control.
  • Secure wireless capabilities provide low-risk deployment flexibility.

Simplify Your UC Experience with Full Avaya UC Integration

  • Unleash the full productivity potential of your Avaya UC solution.
  • Personalization increases job satisfaction and improves customer service.
  • Seamless handoff and single user interface removes complexity and increases productivity.

Amplify Your UC Experience with Cloud Applications

  • Third Generation UC Devices expand the UC experience beyond just call control.
  • Avaya Open SIP technology extends Avaya quality to approved third party UC platforms.
  • Exclusive Avaya Client SDK customization delivers unique vertical experiences.