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Jun 082020

Customers’ are looking for the all the feature and functionality of Avaya applications in the flexibility of a cloud solution.  Whatever the size of the business, from SMB to Enterprise, they are looking for the functions and value delivered in the cloud without compromise.

Avaya OneCloud delivers: Avaya Intelligent Xperiences workplace and contact center solutions via the cloud. Partners today can and will continue to deliver Avaya Intelligent Xperiences as a private or public cloud. Additionally, OneCloud delivery can be connected with on-premises solutions to deliver solutions via a hybrid cloud.

Avaya OneCloud helps customers seamlessly scale their operations and get to market faster with the applications they know and trust, delivered via the cloud.  With Avaya OneCloud they no longer worry about technology obsolesce, but focus on improving productivity, delivering great customer experiences, and growing their business.

Value Proposition

Variety of Cloud Options

Our customers want options, and Avaya OneCloud delivers, allowing customers to choose the best cloud solution that can be designed to meet the needs of their business.  With Avaya OneCloud we provide public, private and hybrid cloud models with both direct and indirect delivery options.

Innovation and Experience

Avaya OneCloud is designed to help your customers layer innovation with the solutions they already use, protecting their investment as they build a bridge to their future needs.  This is a key reason that over 120,000 organizations in more than 170 countries trust Avaya to power their communications needs.

Open Cloud Ecosystem

Avaya has a rich set of APIs and SDKs the allow your customers the ability to easily integrate with other cloud applications and customize their current and new solutions to meet their unique business needs.