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Jun 092020

Organizations typically have different solutions for all the types of meetings they have because of specific requirements. They may have an audio conferencing service for large meetings, a web conferencing application with screen and application sharing, a separate infrastructure for video room systems, and yet another for streaming large scale events. These may be called unified communications, but they’re not particularly unified in any way – and all these separate solutions don’t necessarily work well together.

Avaya IX Meetings, available in the cloud and on premise, delivers an integrated conferencing solution, an all-in-one platform supporting all the different modes of meetings. With one solution, you’ll be able to position the benefits of a platform that supports high scalability, HD audio and video that’s huddle and video room system interoperable, web collaboration, recording, and streaming to thousands of users. Your customers can bring the experience of face-to-face meetings to their organizations from virtually any location or device with the ease of use they get from personal apps. Help your customers cut the complexity of multiple solutions and better connect their teams; converge their meeting platform to one app and save money, admin time, and training.

Value Proposition

One Solution for Multiple Needs

A single solution to address your customer's audio, video, web, or webcasting needs. Whether its interviewing candidates remotely, meeting with key customers or suppliers, providing training or pulling together emergency response teams on the fly, Avaya lets you position a single solution that brings value to every employee.

Frictionless Meeting Participation

Whether your customers are meeting internally or outside, they need a meeting solution that’s simple to join and use. WebRTC makes it easy for guests to meet from their browser. One touch access and controls ensure that meetings start on time, remain productive, and lets participants focus on their topics.

Easy Content Collaboration

You customers can share documents and applications as if everyone was in one place. They can have their points understood with annotation tools, brainstorm with the interactive whiteboard, and get more done with application sharing. Latecomers can bring themselves up-to-speed instantly without disrupting a meeting through the innovative content “slider”.

Meet with Any Device

Enable your customers to meet and stay productive from nearly anywhere on their Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android devices; dial-in with their phones for audio conferencing; and use their huddle or HD video room systems from Avaya, or any H.323 or SIP standards-based vendor.

Seamless Avaya UC Integration

Your customers can enjoy a seamless, integrated experience with Avaya Aura and Avaya IP Office on premise or in the cloud. Deploy Avaya telephony on-premise (or in the cloud) with Meetings and Collaboration consumed from the cloud in a single user experience.