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Jun 082020

Avaya OneCloud is the cloud delivery method for Avaya Intelligent Xperiences solutions.   Avaya OneCloud can delivery Avaya solutions in a private, public or hybrid environment.

Avaya OneCloud Hybrid is not an offer, but the combination of many Avaya offers to create a unique customer experience.

While many or our competitors offer Cloud offers they may only operate in the cloud or their cloud offers operate and function differently than their premise base systems. Avaya OneCloud Hybrid means giving our customer the ability to combine public with private applications and cloud with premise applications to ensure our customers build a system that works for them and migrates under their terms and transformation timeframes.

The perfect cloud solution for a business is one that is unique to that business.  Cloud solutions come in a variety of forms and our hybrid approach provide many added options that most cloud providers can not deliver.

Value Proposition

Evolve to the Cloud at your pace

Avaya OneCloud is not a one size fits all but a set of offers that work together to give our customers options to migrate at their pace and move to the cloud where and when it makes sense.

No need to retrain

Using a Hybrid approach does not mean rip and replace, it means use what you have and integrate cloud and in most cases the solution operates in a similar fashion ensure less down time in training and reduced migrations costs.

Improve Performance

Avaya OneCloud is building a global delivery model and working to maintain a simple flexible cloud platform