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Jun 092020

Avaya Spaces is all about teaming and on-going projects, it provides virtual ‘war rooms’ in the cloud where teams can self-organize, meet, and collaborate. Centered around persistent ‘spaces’, it brings people and content together, in or outside the organization through a browser or mobile app. Members can collaborate through voice, video, and persistent group chat and it includes document storage, task management, and the ability to see who is logged in at any point in time.

Easy-to-use and integrated within the Avaya IX Workplace client, users can self-organize around key tasks, and drive productivity across their organizations. It’s simple to start your customers with Basic Avaya Spaces for free online, then when they experience first-hand the benefits of team collaboration, move them up to one of the cost-effective paid tiers based on their needs. Whether users are on their PC or Mac at work, their tablet at home, or on their smartphone any place in between, Avaya IX Workplace gives them the tools to engage their team members, drive productivity, and make faster decisions.

Value Proposition

Persistent Team Collaboration

Anyone can create and manage a virtual team space. Multiple spaces can be created, one for each project or team, while presence indicates who is on line. Teams connect and share content, and catch up while working across time zones, or when team members are off line with persistent chat.

Meetings, File Sharing, Task Management

When it’s time for the team to start some face-to-face collaboration, meeting capabilities including audio and video conferencing with screen sharing are available. Embedded file sharing for access to documents helps everyone stay current and contribute their expertise. While integrated task management coordinates work across teams and tracks project progress.

Seamless Avaya UC Integration

Your customers enjoy a seamless, integrated experience with Avaya Aura and Avaya IP Office. Deploy Avaya telephony on-premise (or in the cloud) with Meetings and Collaboration consumed from the cloud. Start customers with Basic Collaboration for free, then move them up to one of the cost-effective tiers based on needs.


For enterprises, security is always a concern. Employees may be using a consumer-based solution that may not meet corporate guidelines or regulations. Avaya Spaces goes beyond the capabilities of consumer solutions, providing enterprise grade voice and video while giving IT confidence that application usage is more secure and controlled.

Accessible to Everyone

With team collaboration capabilities in the cloud, Avaya Spaces breaks down enterprise walls and lets external members fully participate. Engaging is as easy as adding an email address to the team space and sending an invitation. Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar integration adds meeting details with one click.